KIC 7866761 and 9272477

Started by sneeketeeke
over 4 years ago

Hello experts,

I wanted to share interesting star data harvested from version 1.0 of Planet Hunters. The KICs in the title both have interesting possible transits, the data of which I have posted below:

PH Name KIC Quarter BJD

SPH10009595 7866761 7.1 644-645

SPH10129802 9272477 7.1 634; 644-645

It is entirely possible that these readings are a glitch since they occur in quite a similar way between the two stars, and in some others, ex: KIC 5442026. Since it is known that there are glitches in Q7.1 I just wanted to post and see if this seems real or not.


over 4 years ago

Word just came in from Star Fleet command that those are just glitches. Regrets there. P.s. If the Romulan Empire tries to tell you otherwise, don't believe them. They have been trying to pass off glitches as transits for many quarters now. LLAP

over 4 years ago

there are so many 634ers - likely these are all glitches

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