Finding your way around - Where to post

Started by echo-lily-mai
over 8 years ago

Hi Welcome to Planet Hunters Talk Site. You are welcome to post anywhere on Talk and join any conversation. The Newbies board has been created so you can happily post here while finding your way around. This board is also for the ‘Oldies’ too! Everyone is welcome.

Here is a link to the Newbies Sub-board. You can also find the Newbies sub-board "Welcome New Planet Hunters – Check in here" on the Help board

Other handy places to post

When you want to say hi - Welcome to Planet Hunters

If you have a LC (light curve) question - Newbies, post your interesting light curves/queries here.

Something’s not working and you need to report it - General Help and Bug Reports

Enjoy Planet Hunting :-)

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