Simulated data - Where's the transit?

Started by psyham
over 6 years ago

Hey all, new planet hunter here! I've gotten a couple pop-ups saying that a particular star I'm looking at is actually simulated data. Personally I think it's a cool idea, since it kind of serves as extra examples of what to look for and is helpful for us newbies to study and practice on. However, I'm having a tough time actually finding the transit in this one:

Any advice on how to spot the planet would be much appreciated! I seem to get a lot of "quiet" stars that have a couple rogue points here and there that fall below the average curve, but I generally dismiss them in favor of the obvious U-shapes. Is this a bad habit? Thanks :D

over 6 years ago

I'm not sure I see transits in this light curve. The depth of the transit will change depending on the size of the planet and it's radius. So it is possible that this one is just a small planet that's hard to se by eye.

I think you're absolutely right to not mark things that have a couple of rouge points. I tend to require at least three points to be low for me to mark something as a transit.



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