Star SPH10063760

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Aph10063760 Aph10063760 Aph22063760 Aph22063760 Aph21063760 Aph21063760 Aph23063760 Aph23063760 Aph31063760 Aph31063760 Aph32063760 Aph32063760
Aph33063760 Aph33063760 Aph41063760 Aph41063760 Aph42063760 Aph42063760 Aph43063760 Aph43063760 Aph51063760 Aph51063760 Aph52063760 Aph52063760
Aph53063760 Aph53063760 Aph71063760 Aph71063760 Aph72063760 Aph72063760 Aph73063760 Aph73063760 Aphf1063760 Aphf1063760 Aphf2063760 Aphf2063760
Aphf3063760 Aphf3063760

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This is KOI-961. Three planets, all smaller than Earth and one smaller than Mars. #koi

over 7 years ago