Version 2 Feature Requests

Started by mschwamb
about 6 years ago

in italiano esiste

about 6 years ago

Thank you Meg!



I am sad. I have classified every star. There are none left :(

I think that more time should be spent on improving the user experience of this site. I would love to know the exact days that recording were taken. For example May 1st - June 5th. That would make it a lot easier to figure out time scales instead of this Q1 stuff. Also, when someone leaves a comment on a star, I would like to know what Quarter (or time period) they were classifying instead of just telling me when the comment was left. Sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure out what quarter people are referring to.

A note to say I've emailed the team about this 'out of data' issue. It's a holiday weekend in the United States, where the developers who know how to work with the Planet Hunters backend are, so this may take a bit longer to fix. We are working on sorting this, and hopefully will have light curves back showing very soon. Apologies for the frustration and inconvenience.

Thanks for the feedback, in the rebuild of the site we're planning I'll make that suggestion.


about 6 years ago

One more feature request. If I can't see the chat before classifying (which I agree might give someone a bias) it would be great to see the satellite negative image of the star. The same one you can see by clicking on Kepler Archive. That would make it easier to tell if something was a false positive, like a binary star system, before mislabeling them. That would be really neat and wouldn't give anyone an unfair bias.

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