Collection “2014 Galaxeezz” by djsimister

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#galaxies found in the ukirt fov for this year

Aph10062137 Aph10062137 Aph10144304 Aph10144304 Aph10327611_thumb Aph10327611_thumb Aph31023588 Aph31023588 Aph31026582 Aph31026582 Aph53062978 Aph53062978
Aph51026582 Aph51026582 Aph52051928 Aph52051928 Aphe3001gfj Aphe3001gfj Aphe30031ab Aphe30031ab Aphe20037qx Aphe20037qx Aphf3113151 Aphf3113151
Aphf1670661 Aphf1670661 Aphf3018981 Aphf3018981 Aphf2115902 Aphf2115902 Aphf3100059 Aphf3100059 Aphf3017107 Aphf3017107 Aphf10987272 Aphf10987272
Aphf2099164 Aphf2099164 Aphf10834765 Aphf10834765

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