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Light curves I think are pulsating

Aph10023085 Aph10023085 Aph10006777 Aph10006777 Aph10070059 Aph10070059 Aph10042169 Aph10042169 Aph10034179 Aph10034179 Aph10039409 Aph10039409
Aph10110663 Aph10110663 Aph10069407 Aph10069407 Aph10143285 Aph10143285 Aph10090546 Aph10090546 Aph10083924 Aph10083924 Aph10024234 Aph10024234
Aph10099552 Aph10099552 Aph10044278 Aph10044278 Aph22057529 Aph22057529 Aph22032672 Aph22032672 Aph22976953 Aph22976953 Aph21105612 Aph21105612
Aph22101922 Aph22101922 Aph21069407 Aph21069407 Aph23087081 Aph23087081 Aph23141655 Aph23141655 Aph23019377 Aph23019377 Aph23093077 Aph23093077
Aph23049469 Aph23049469 Aph23118568 Aph23118568 Aph23105546 Aph23105546 Aph23396959 Aph23396959 Aph23068344 Aph23068344 Aph23968449 Aph23968449
Aph10989417_thumb Aph10989417_thumb Aph10395584_thumb Aph10395584_thumb Aph73520236 Aph73520236

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Dear Meg: what I do is opening the graphic and look for very small this correct?

over 7 years ago

Light curves I think are pulsators

over 7 years ago