Please let Cappella come back to PH

Started by ajamyajax
over 4 years ago

@ wtaskew

Hi Billy

Really nice of you to remind us of this special aspect of the character of the man. He did indeed 'Reach out' in that way to a lot of us all the time, (Ever since he came aboard this ship to join our noble clan and quest in fact) The truth is, he is missed a helluva lot on just that point alone! I'm sure he will be back on our case soon.

To me, Personally, without him aboard, is like:

Trying to complete a thousand piece Jigsaw picture puzzle of compacted snow in a complete white out?

Or, like A funambulist in a pair of ice skating boots! Walking backwards on a tightrope! With the laces undone! Blindfolded! On a rainy night without his balance pole! And PH's without is like: A Tentacle short of an Octopus! Or, a waggle dance short of a bee?

:~} Dean x

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